Simply Swapped Everyday is your guide to elevating the everyday with simple swaps that can be made in and out of the kitchen. In this book, I walk you through simple tips and nutritious upgrades that will significantly upgrade your health, energy levels and confidence from the inside out. The everyday is broken down into sections with actionable steps to follow to show you that healthy doesn’t have to be hard.


With over 75 delicious and simple plant-powered recipes, you’ve got your day covered from start to finish. From overnight oats, smoothies and weekend pancakes for lazy mornings to mason jar salads and power bowls to make busy weeknights easier, you won’t go hungry. And of course, don’t forget to save room for a sweet treat! The campfire banana boats, double chocolate sweet potato brownies and berries with cashew cream are all a favorite.


My mission is to show you how to be truly healthy in a simple, realistic way. Whether you’re a meat eater or plant lover (or both!), foodie or kitchen newbie, there’s something in here for everyone. Simply Swapped Everyday is for anyone looking to elevate the everyday, one nutritious swap at a time!


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